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Bob and Sherri

I had the privilege of documenting this couple's wedding. Though I have not actively advertised weddings in about six years, I manage to still get inquiries. I am always surprised and humbled!

I have known Bob for about nine years. He is a neighbor to a very good friend of ours and we would often be at the same events at this friends home. Sherri stayed at this same couples house for a few years while going back to school.

For all of those years, Bob had his eye on Sherri, never wavering. They would talk and hang out separately as friends, but Sherri didn't see Bob as someone she would want to date. God always has his way of orchestrating people and circumstances. Many people could see their compatibility and some may have even been guilty of slipping a few comments in here and there (wink, wink) to Sherri knowing how Bob felt about her.

Only a handful of months ago, after a four or five year friendship, Sherri's eyes were opened and Bob was still there faithfully waiting for her. They committed to dating and it didn't take long before they concluded that they were ready to get married. They already knew each other so well! The elation felt in those who had been hoping and praying that this would happen was big!

Though I had already moved to Florida, they reached out to me asking if I would be willing to come back to NY to photograph their wedding. There aren't words to describe how honored I was. Though they had only 6 weeks to get this wedding together, their end goal of bringing glory to God through it was a huge success. I am both extremely happy and proud of these two!! I surprised them and put together this slideshow after their wedding.

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