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What It's Like to Work With Me


I am a photography ninja. Definitely expect sarcasm. You might also hear me sing to get someone to smile. I pay attention to the details like hair, jewelry, hand, and clothing placement.


The first few photos that we take will be awkward. It always takes time for everyone to get comfortable. Expect it and don't fret about it!

I like to get a mix of posed and candid. I will talk with you and "secretly" watch you to get posing ideas from the way you move around. I like to catch people in their natural state.

I am very easy going. I am always on board to do whatever ideas you have. At the end of the day, these are your photos, not mine. My top priority is satisfying you.

I respect your time and wishes. If you're done, I'm done.


Most importantly, almost always, I am told at the end of a session either that it was a lot of fun or it wasn't as bad as they expected it to be! And after my clients see their photos, I hear a lot of "I can't believe you got those!" or "I love so many!" Funny, I am sometimes just as surprised. Is that a bad thing to admit?

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