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She is the keeper of your precious moments, hilarious fumbles, goofy faces, pet peeves, and little blessings. She captures it all in a few still frames with an eye for imperfection that becomes the best representation of your whole world. Courtney is amazing at finding that love, joy and grace of a moment and allowing us to cherish it forever. Being a mommy of some energetic boys herself, Courtney embraces the chaos of our little family and helps remind us that every second in this life is beautiful.

-Andy and Courtney Clouse, Akron, NY

Courtney had an incredible knack of keeping us engaged and making the entire process so effortless and enjoyable. Her personality is infectious, and she is certainly skilled in bringing out and capturing genuine personalities with her photography. Our time with her flew by, and when she wasn’t making us laugh, she was listening, and patiently moving us towards the next setting and shots. And when she shared with us the proofs, wow did she deliver a host of incredible and precious depictions of our family! 

She truly is a gifted artist and offered her expertise again with our son’s graduation pictures. She uncovered and captured the subtle blends and essence of his character while accompanying his passions in each still shot. We are forever grateful to Courtney for capturing and preserving these milestone family events for us!!

-Dan and Gina Miller, Clarence, NY

Highly recommend Courtney !!! Along with doing an amazing professional job, she listened to what was important to us!!

-Cathy Gerhardt, Winter Garden, FL

Where do I even start? Courtney not only takes beautiful pictures, but she herself is a beautiful person! Courtney has photographed my engagement pictures, my wedding and now my family photos. She is so easy to work with, so incredibly kind, and really gets to know you and your family which makes it so much easier to be photographed when you are comfortable and truly know the person capturing your life's most precious moments. We love Courtney !

-Shawn and Ashley Hazlett, Corfu, NY

Courtney photographed our wedding (almost) 4 years ago and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result! She does a great job of asking lots of questions ahead of time to ensure she captures all the photos we wanted. We especially love the wedding album she created for us. Would happily recommend her!

-Dan and Sarah Osika, Buffalo, NY

This woman has truly captured the most wonderful moments of our lives. We started our journey 9 years ago with our wedding, then continued with the newborn and 1 year photos with our 3 children. Her attention to the little things and getting the shot that reflects our family and that moment in time perfectly. I am so proud to display her work in my home. I am so thankful to Courtney for helping us keep beautiful memories of our family. She is a blessing to us and has become a wonderful friend.

-Katie Swierczynski, Buffalo, NY

At the Austin and Jacqueline Heberlein Wedding, we Asked Courtney if she would video us wishing a happy 60th birthday to our cousin who lives over in Germany. It turned out awesome. Thank uou Courtney! You went above and beyond! ❤️❤️.

Hard To Find That These Days!!

-Wende Heberlein, Akron, NY

Courtney has photographed all of our special moments for over 5 years!!! Engagement, wedding, Christmas, newborn, you name it! Courtney’s big heart and passion for photography never ceases to amaze me! I can’t wait to do family photos again for the holidays!

-Jim and Bethany Maltby, Hamburg, NY

She pays attention to the tiniest of details!!

-Kelly Heberlein, Lancaster, NY

The pictures of my gorgeous grandkids are FABULOUS. You did an awesome job. I'm referring you to many others.

-Linda Wight, Akron, NY

We wanted to let you know how much we love working with you. You have captured so many milestones in our lives. We look forward to you capturing many more. You are so worth the eight hour drive. 

-Ryan, Niki and Cole Edwards, Virginia


Thank you for driving FOREVER to be a part of my bridal shower. Thank you for helping in so many ways. Thank you for taking so many beautiful pictures that will tell the story for years to come. Thank you for paying close attention to details and for making those short memories to last a lifetime. You are so talented.

-Leah Dymond, Six Mile, SC


You were so delightful. I really enjoyed working with you. It was fun.

-Sandra DeGlopper


Courtney- I can't express how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the book of Don and I's Engagement pictures!!!! It seriously was the most amazing thing I've seen! The pictures & how you layed them out just expresses us perfectly! We are so truly lucky to have friends like you & Ralph. Nadine went just as nuts as I did with them! lol we were like little girls looking at them!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥ We love you!

-Jenny Hickman, Mineral Wells, WV


Courtney, thank you for being such a wonderful, perfect, professional, creative, and happy photographer. You truly helped to keep our wedding memories with your photos. We will highly recommend you to all our friends. God bless.

- Joe and Katie Swierczynski, Cheektowaga, NY


 I wanted to let you know how much Pete's family (and I) treasure that family photo you took of us a year and a half ago.  Not only did we lose Aunt Karen that December, but we unexpectedly lost Mom Maier this past weekend….The family picture you took of us was on display at the funeral home and so many people commented on how beautiful it was.  I never realized back when I orchestrated that gift for Mom and Dad that it was actually orchestrated by God instead.  He knew that He was going to take Mom home sooner than expected and He gave us that gift.

-Jeanine Maier, Buffalo, NY


What can I say about you? We cannot even begin to thank you enough for all that you have done and for being apart of our special day. Your tremendous heart and eagerness to help and give to others is extremely inspiring. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude and all of your efforts and generosity have not gone unnoticed!

-Lauren McIntyre, Amherst, NY


Thank you for the beautiful photos! You have an amazing talent and we really appreciate it.

-Dan and Kristen Cox, Amherst, NY


Dear Courtney, Wow- What can I say?! The pictures of the kids are such a precious gift. Thank you for taking the time, energy, and resources to bless us with such a special keepsake. I have them hanging on the wall going up the stairs, and everyone who sees them thinks they are incredible. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

-Gratefully, Gloria and Brek Cockrell, Buffalo, NY


Thank you so much for the beautiful picture frame, it was so thoughtful of you! And thank you especially for doing such a great job as our photographer! We’re really happy with the photos and the great job you did! Thanks again!

-Joyce and David Merkle, Williamsville, NY


Dear Courtney, We’re so happy that you were able to have you take pictures of our family while Lisa and Jeff were in town! They are beautiful and we will always treasure them! Thank you!

-Dave and Lu Zurawski, Clarence Center, NY


Courtney, I don’t know where to start. You are an amazing person…You did such a great job and took so much of your time to help us. We probably will never get to show you how much we appreciate everything you did. We love you and thank you for being who you are. You take great and amazing pictures. Anyone who hires you is making the BEST decision of their lives!

You are the best! Again thank you!

-Sarah and Joe Zaffran, Gainesville, FL


We cannot express our sincere thanks and appreciation for taking pictures for us.

Both of us were blown away by your professionalism and talent. You are worth every penny!

-Don and Jenny Hickman, Mineral Wells, WV


It was a pleasure working with you today.  Thank you again for coming over on such a hectic day and working with us.

We are truly looking forward to seeing the pictures.

-Ryan and Leah Mills, Amherst, NY


I LOVE them Courtney! Once again, you've done a wonderful job! Thanks!

-Dave and Joyce Merkle


I felt the spirit nudging me to let you know again how truly grateful and appreciative both Fraser and I are for helping us make our wedding possible. Thank you as well for all of your time you have devoted to us thus far and also for your tremendous heart and generosity. Words cannot even begin to tell you how thankful we are. I am excited beyond words to have the opportunity to work with you. I am truly honored that the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed you with I am fortunate enough to take part in. It has also been a pleasure getting to know you and I am excited about getting to know you even better over the next months. Fraser tells me all the time that God brings people together and I feel in my heart that he led us to you.

Thank you again for everything!

-Lauren and Fraser, Amherst, NY


Thank you! You did a fantastic job with the pictures & I will remember that & will recommend you for other weddings.

If I ever get married I will surely keep you in mind.

-Rick Salemi, Corfu, NY


Thank you for taking such great pictures. They are precious memories we will cherish for a very long time.

-Marine Dembrow, McLeansville, NC


We can’t thank you enough for all you did on our wedding day. I am usually a well-organized person but throw some wedding plans into the mix and you are looking at a full-fledged flake! In the midst of cake, food, drinks, seating, music and PICTURES (oh my! ;o) I had my list of all these pictures ideas I had in floating around in my head and what did I do with this list…left it on the counter. However you stepped right in took charge and let your creativity flow, you embraced the true spirit of our wedding. Josh and I are not your typical couple and we defiantly did not have a typical wedding you were able take a crazy day of laughing, trampoline jumping, groomsmen swimming and some bad but entertaining dancing and you captured every beautiful moment of our day. You were able to wrangle the wedding party and the rather LARGE ‘Blasko’ family, which is admittedly, is as easy as herding cats. And on top of it they all loved you! We are however now faced with the task of picking our favorites from this selection of amazing photos; I must say I have no idea how I am going to choose!! We are happy to be faced with this great task and can to wait to see the printed products. Seeing your link to our photos made our weekend!! We were able to relive our fun filled wedding day!Thank you for keeping me sane when it started pouring rain. Thank you for being a great sport. Thank you for being so kind to our kids. Thank you for making sure we had lots of fun pictures. Thank you for making our wedding party listen to you… AND still like you! Thank you for catching moments we missed, but wanted to see. Most of all, thank you for being our photographer!

-Dusty & Josh Blasko, Akron, NY


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a special part of RJ’s first year of life. You helped us create and “save” many memories and beautiful moments that he so quickly grew out of! The time and thought you put into each album and shoot is appreciated.

Thanks for your patience with us…You do great work!

-Bob and Christine Swierczynski, Amherst, NY


Words cannot describe how fortunate and thankful we are to of had you as our wedding photographer.  You made everything that day go seamless. You are so dependable, timely, and professional.  Because of these qualities, it made it really refreshing to have one less thing to worry about for our wedding. We never had any doubts that you wouldn't do an amazing job!  Even though it poured on our wedding day, the pictures were beautiful. Weddings go by in a flash and we're so lucky to have all of our special moments captured.  All of our friends and family are in awe of how beautiful our wedding album is. We are looking forward to being able to cherish our wedding album for many years to come and share it with our future kids and grand kids.  Thanks so much again Courtney!  We truly appreciate all of the hard work you put into making our wedding amazing.

-Brian and Alicia Jenkins, Tonawanda, NY


What the heck would I have done without you at the Christmas show this year? It gave me such peace of mind knowing you were the one taking the pictures and that you needed very little hand holding in the process! Thank you for helping us and being so reliable!

-Lisa Griffiths, The Chapel at Crosspoint


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for being my photographer…you rocked it out…I LOVE MY PICTURES…I will always promote you to the WORLD…I’m so excited…You’re the best.

-Jaimeelynn Richter, Clarence Center, NY


“This is a little thank you for how grateful I am for you and our friendship! The pictures turned out amazing and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. Keep using the talent God has given you!”

-Krista Woodruff, Akron, NY


Calling you Saturday morning was the best idea I had all that day! Thanks again so much for taking photos of our special day!

I can always count on you! Xoxo

-Gloria Cockrell, Buffalo, NY


That day it was rainy and cold, but those pictures I really feel like they truly depict our story so far…it was not the most picture perfect situation but you made it beautiful. I don’t know what I was expecting, but whatever that was, you surpassed that. It was a nice teaser before the wedding. I can’t wait for the wedding now!

–Lauren Fraser, Amherst, NY


Thank you so much for everything! Our pictures are absolutely fantastic! I still cannot believe how many there are. You are truly talented and one of the best photographers I've seen! You will for sure be ours for life! It has been so great to get to know you so well too! We are so grateful to have a new found friendship and think you are just an amazing person!

-Ashley and Shawn Hazlett, Corfu, NY

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