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"No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus" with "All I Want Is Jesus" Cover

This song was requested by a sweet friend of mine who recently lost her aunt to a long battle with cancer. I had never heard it before and by the second verse, I was in tears. Music has that effect on me.

When I started to learn it, I felt like I needed to add something right after the bridge, but wasn't sure what yet. I knew that if this was of God, that he would reveal it to me. Within 30 minutes, he gave me the bridge to a song that was written and sung by my friends, Benji and Jenna Cowart back when they lived in Buffalo called, "All I Want is Jesus." Heaven had never heard it, and I couldn't find the whole song online to pass it along to her to practice so we first ran through it the day she came over for us to record it. We didn't even know if the part I was thinking would line up note wise, but it did and it was perfect. I couldn't believe it. That's God for you!!

Heaven and I have way too much fun when we do these. It was after 10pm, my three boys were sleeping, and we were getting tired, so I included the outtakes in this one. ;) NOT to mention, I had a microphone set up recording this in garage band, but it never saved so this is a modified audio that I pulled from my camera. #Real Life

Never have I been able to say that every word in a song described how I felt, but I can't say that anymore. Steffany Gretzinger is such a gifted musician. My prayer is that we did this song justice and that my Cowart friends are pleased with my addition, too!

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