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The Wild Life Of the Simple Courtney Campbell

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

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Having a two year old at home has proven to be more time consuming than anything I imagined! I thought that the older Liam would get, the more time I would have to get work done. HAHAHA. With it being wintertime, there is less to do and less energy being expended which equals shorter naps and less nighttime sleep. Being a mommy is mine and my husbands top priority. Though I am unbelieveably thankful to have the ability to run a business and be a mommy at the same time, the fact of the matter is that our sweet boy will only be two once. That being said, I just simply do not have the same amount of time that I used to for blogging, posting and marketing. To see more acitivity, go to my facebook page That I keep up on better. :)

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