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The Extra Effort Kid

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Liam is a very busy boy. He has been since he was in my womb. I used to say when I was pregnant with him that I was getting abused from all of the constant hard kicks he would give. He used to head butt; not to inflict pain but if he was tired or getting carried away while horsing around. We call him a ram for very good reasons. During the day it can be physically and emotionally exhausting to be his parents. He loves to challenge our authority just for sheer attention, he talks or makes noises constantly, his energy is endless and he is so happy all of the time that very little upsets him (which makes disciplining him even more of a challenge). He, like his mommy and daddy loves to just be around the family.

He is hysterical and very goofy. He is also quite intelligent and articulates himself well so we are able to carry on great conversations with him. Between he and Devin, it's easy to say that we rarely get quiet moments.

I have been saying for a couple of years now that if he was any one else's child he would be on Ritalin. And he would most definitely be in school and not homeschooled. Ralph and I both strongly agree that the best place for him is right at home where we can help teach him and guide him circumstance by circumstance on things like how to channel his energy, his constant desire for attention, how to respect and love others, how to be a leader and most importantly how to follow after Jesus wholeheartedly. There wouldn't be enough time to do it any other way.

It's funny how when I was pregnant with him, before we ever knew his temperament, gender, etc we had made the decision to homeschool and for the years that followed leading up to this year, we still wanted that and prepared for it. We paid off my school loan so I wouldn't have to work. I talked to and connected with families that had already been homeschooling for many years. God is so cool.

Ralph and I used to jokingly say that God gave me an extra dose of patience to be married to him (Don't get the wrong idea!! We are madly in love!) but the joke is on us because then Liam came along!! 😂

All that to say, that by the end of the day when the boys go to bed this mommy is drained and once in a while (mainly during certain times of the month) she may even wish she could get away just for a day to catch a break. But then a couple of quiet hours pass, and often times out comes Liam. He's calm and is asking if he can sleep in our bed until daddy gets home from work (if he had it his way it would be all night). And if I'm already in bed, he snuggles right up to me and falls asleep.

These are the exact moments God gives me to remind me that he belongs to him first, to diligently pray for him, to remember that what he has planned for this sweet boy is far greater than I could ever ask or imagine and most importantly that the Holy Spirit has already equipped me with the strength to love him like Christ would moment by moment, trying time after trying time.

What a difference this boy will make in the world.

Taken a few weeks ago before I wrote this until almost 1:00AM.

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