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  • Courtney Campbell

Back Open For Business

I LOVE documenting moments. Ask ANYONE who has spent more than an hour with me. It takes a large amount of self control to resist the urge to grab my camera or phone and quickly snap that precious moment. Simply put, I love to be with people, watch people and document whatever is going on around me.

My husband and I believe that God gave us our home and ten acres for more than just us. Since settling , we have had so much fun here and would love the opportunity to allow others the same experience.

We love to be OUTSIDE together. It’s where we all thrive. However, I have reached the conclusion that it’s not just our family. I see this in countless people when they come here and in general when I see them outside. They come to life when they breathe that fresh air, the wildlife, the woodlands, the space to run around. I'd love to be able to document those moments right here.

There are many photo-opportunities here which is why we are going to start allowing people to come and get their portraits taken here. It came with woods, a pond with fish, a tree house, a small playhouse, a barn and a house, all needing work, but we are bringing everything back to life little by little. We love to work on it, making it beautiful again. My husband and I are excited to see what He does with it!

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