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I've known Noah since he was around 12. He lived down the street from us when we lived in Akron, NY. He would come visit, play with our oldest son, Liam, and liked to help out. I loved getting to know Noah and his family. We were definitely sad to say goodbye to all of the Wight's when we moved to FL. They were a gift to us right until the very end helping us load up our moving trailer (see last photo).

I was honored to do Noah's older sister and brother's senior photos, but did not anticipate being able to do his, too since we now lived 1200 miles away from them. I was in NY to photograph a last minute wedding this Summer and so we were able to squeeze this mini session in!

Noah is a very intelligent lad. I know that God has great things planned for him. I am not done talking about him, but I am saving the rest for another post. You'll understand why when you see it. ;)

Also, I included a couple old photos that I took of him from 5 years ago because I have an obsession with documenting even the smallest of moments.

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