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Cathy and David's Wedding

I met Cathy over four years ago and was struck by her generous, Godly heart. A close friend introduced us to each other and she was immediately inviting our family over to swim and visit at the recreational community she lived at. Shortly after, I was in a bible study with her and found out that she was a snow bird. She again shocked me when she offered to let us stay at her place in Florida.

I took her up on that a few months later. It was because of her selfless heart that I was able to take a much needed break by myself for three days to Florida. It had costed less than $300.

I have learned so much about being selfless through this incredible woman. If you ever hear me say, "whatever works best for you" it's because of her. I cherish all of our late night conversations pouring our heart our to each other about our desires, pains, and frustrations. She is a treasured, faithful friend.

One of those hard conversations that we would have and pray together about was a Godly husband for Cathy. She wanted to serve and love someone who would love her just as genuinely and selflessly. God has been faithful to provide that for her through David and I am so happy for her!!

I drove two and a half hours one way to be able to attend this wedding. There was no way I was going to miss it! It was simple, small, and intimate, but the love they had for each other could be felt across the room.

It rained much of the time, but it stopped for a bit when just about all of the guests had left. The parking lot was clear of all of the cars and in place of it, I saw a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Though they had already had photos taken, I said to Cathy that I thought we should go outside for a few minutes and get whatever we could before the rain came pouring down again. I am so glad we did because I absolutely love them and so do they!

This 57 second clip during the ceremony is so precious!!

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