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For the Love of Trains!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

One of the amazing people we stayed with on our vacation were the man pictured and his wife whom I have known since I was in middle school at church. I was good friends with their youngest daughter and have remained in contact with them through the years.

About a few years ago they retired and moved to S.C. to be closer to their six children. I used to travel down the east coast with them in the spring to visit all of their children. Many of my greatest teenage memories were from my time spent with all of them. Now, I get to drive down the coast and visit with them instead! It is really something.

They were both looking forward to having us come so that the boys could see Ernie's train table with trains from when he was their age. It was spectacular, to say the least, and our boys were mesmerized. They were so quiet as they watched all of the trains going through the tunnels, across bridges and around sharp bends.

If that wasn't enough, Mr. Dymond allowed them to play by controlling the speed of the train, loading and unloading barrels, cattle, milk jugs and pushing buttons to watch kids playing on a playground and more! What a gift to our boys and WOW what a gift Mr. Dymond has in building train tables! Liam had a history lesson and didn't even know it. ;)

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