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Godless Nations Fall

Godless nations fall. And by God, I mean, the God of The Bible, the one true God. The absence of Him equals the absence of life. You cannot survive for long without your life line. In order to experience life, you have to know the creator of the Universe and seek wisdom from God, who is the source of life. When you ignore your lifeline, moving farther and farther away from it, eventually you will fall.

It's no different than if you don't have water. After so long, you won't survive. God is the source from which everything flows. Without him you fall to your own detriment.

Our country was founded on the basic principles of having the inerrant right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness WITH God as the one we were trusting in. That's why He was put in our founding papers. That's why he's on our money. In GOD we trust. And we thrived.

When you have Jesus as the lens in which you look through life, government is not your God. You don't rely on it, take advantage of it or put it on a pedestal, expecting it to save the world.

You live differently. You think less of yourself and more of your neighbors. You meet the needs of the poor, the widow, the fatherless. It's an overflow from the things Christ does in you.

You treat ALL with respect, regardless of their opinions, economic status, filthy mouths, race, bad habits, gender, crimal record or political affiliation. You see them as they are: people made in the image of God.

Just like all of the other nations who think they can run a nation better than God can, America will fall. There are nations who were headed for destruction, but there were people that warned them. The nation heeded their warnings, repented, and it lived. Nineveh. Israel. Babylon. When they forgot again, well, they fell.

Powerful nations come and go. When they reject the one who raised them up, they get what they wanted: an existence without the source of life. A nation being overtaken by darkness. A country void of love, harmony, life and unity.

The good news is that in the midst of a nations destruction, God will not forget the people that live with Jesus as the one who reigns in their life. He sees those who acknowledge JESUS as the Savior of the world, not themselves, not their governor, or their president. Those whose eyes are opened before impending doom comes, will be saved. Noah. Lot. Joseph. Nineveh. Israel.

Free will is a very interesting thing that God has given us. We can choose to follow him and his perfect ways or reject him and fall into the arms of the prince of darkness. You get to choose your fate. You, who have read this are now without excuse.

Call me Jeremiah. He was known as the doomsday prophet. He rarely had good news to share with the nation of Israel, but he did it anyway because God told him to. Someone has to say it so why not let it be me? I'm certainly not the only one who sees it. I love you enough to tell you, regardless of whether you'll hate me or not for saying so.

You choose. Remember that. YOU choose.

Side note: Everything I share comes from my knowledge of the word of God, The Bible. I encourage you to read it for yourself. Also, to those who want to know more about Jesus, this link is packed with good info:

You are loved and being prayed for.

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