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Morgan and Conrad's Engagement

It was this past summer when my sister was visiting and she received a call from her oldest daughter. "Can you put it on speakerphone so Aunt Courtney can hear me, too?" (I still love hearing "Aunt Courtney" after 19 years). I was immediately like, "Oh boy!" So I pulled my phone out and started filming...

That's right. Her boyfriend Conrad had popped the question. He had been talking about doing this for quite some time. When Morgan wasn't around him he would talk to me about when and where to do it. When he had bought the ring, he pulled his phone out and showed it to me (she's right behind him in this photo).

Here is the beauty up close.

Shortly after the engagement, Morgan reached out to me asking if I would be willing to come to Buffalo in the Fall and take their photos. Fall was always my favorite season so I was thrilled to be able to come back. I am so thankful that even though I moved 1200 miles away, that she still wanted her auntie to be the one to take her photos. She is not one of many words, but that spoke volumes to me. I love you, too Morgan! :)

It was so nice to see all of the changing leaves. When I arrived, I was told by everyone that the weather had been cold and rainy up until the day I flew in. I was sadly not surprised by that statement. The lack of sun in WNY was one of our motivations in moving to a sunnier climate. I digress.

Morgan chose to go to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY which is a popular local ski resort. I was definitely OK with that. I would get to see hills and lots of pretty trees.

Many of the leaves had already begun to fall, but we had no issues with finding good spots.

This is "the photo for mom and grandma" as I always say. There still always has to be a good looking and smiling shot. I still love taking these.

For many years I have spoken with these two about dating, marriage, etc. I have definitely said things that probably made them uncomfortable, but they haven't forgotten them! Ha! I didn't care. I remember very well what it was like to be a teenager.

Morgan is an independent, beautiful, and confident young woman. It has been a pleasure watching her grow up. I wrote something to her when she turned 18 with her senior photos included and what I said still holds true. You can read that here:

I have enjoyed watching their relationship develop through good times and hard these last four years. I have taken photos of the two of them from the very beginning in the summer of 2018 and thought it would be fun to share a few.

Morgan and Conrad KNOW that no matter where life takes them and God leads them, I will be there to listen and talk, if they so choose. They also know full well who I believe is the most important foundation in a relationship; Jesus.

Here are the rest of my favorite photos from their engagement session. I was not easy to choose!

Our session wasn't complete until I got a photo of them on their phones. I would mess with them over the years when I saw them sitting next to each other on their phones saying, "looks like you guys are spending great quality time together." HA!

Thank you, Morgan for investing in these by paying for my plane ticket. It was a good indicator of your level of commitment to Conrad. I am looking forward to the wedding (even if it's not 10-13-23. hehe). Don't be afraid to reach out! Uncle Ralph and I have nothing but love for you! We're old now and have learned a thing or two.

I love you, beautiful woman who made me an aunt!

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