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Trip Down South 2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2020


The youngest member of the crazy Campbell crew traveled wonderfully...easier than when we drove down to Fl two years ago when Devin was 10 months old!

These two kept each other entertained and at night were each others pillows!

Mommy, can my first taste of anything other than your milk be Chick-fil-a please?!

Daddy only got annoyed a couple of times on the drive down and I happened to have the camera for one of those. HA!!


It's not much of a photo to most, I'm sure, but I know this will bring much joy to me every time I look at it. To literally watch the sky come to life in Florida was something I'll always remember and cherish.

We made it to FL in 22 hours! We were all shocked! It was so nice to see this beautiful, smiling face greeting us. We LOOOOVE Miss Cathy. She is a dear friend, an incredible, selfless woman of God who has made a big impact in my life and in my relationship with Jesus.

One of the many perks to homeschooling is that you can do school anywhere without kids even thinking twice about it. This is one of many things we did for school for Liam.

Do we look exhausted? Because we were!! HA!!! Document the moment no matter what!

I love to photograph birds. :)

Apparently the anhinga is a bit territorial!

"Ok, we can be civil." ha!

The feathers and mouth open in this shot (that I hadn't even had time to frame well before I snapped it) caught my attention. So cool!!

I like palm trees and all that they symbolize. :)

The live oak tree by the playground was just magnificent and the peat moss dangling was my FAVVVVV.

The energy level in this kid....hmmm...wonder where he gets it from....

It was ALMOST a full moon, but you can't tell in this shot. Here's my live oak tree again! :)

When your busy boys stop and sit, you must RUN and catch the moment before it's over in 2.5 seconds!

Liam was a big fan of Miss Cathy and her love for ice cream. He learned that night that she was apparently also a fan of whipped cream!!


Disney day!! I think they were excited.

Not everyone is happy to stop and wait for a family photo in front of the famous Cinderella castle. Get used to it kid.

Photo CC: Disney's Memory Maker

Teacups. You have to do 'em!

What a sweet little sleepy baby he is

It wouldn't be a complete day without a Devin meltdown, Disney World or not!

The people mover was one of their favorite rides...until the end when we got stuck on it for about 30 minutes.

He's so handsome!

My sensitive, blue eyed boy.

What can you even say to this?? ha!

These two are one of my fav's to photograph.

Devin was practically a walking zombie by the mid-afternoon.

The festival of fantasy parade is one of our favs at Disney!!

When a baby drools on your face, it's adorable. When anyone else does, it's disgusting.

Oh my goodness. One of my fav shots taken by Ralphie. Look at that double chin yummy goodness!

I had to share this one because of his eyelashes. :)

Liam looooved his sorcerer Mickey hat and wore it a lot of the time which surprised us!

He was all smiles before Space Mountain got moving...not so much the rest of the time. I told him he couldn't come to Disney the next time. Liking space mountain is a MUST! Just kidding!! maybe...

Ralph and I told the boys that the next time we went to Disney we were going without them!! HA!! But, really, all in all, it was nice. We set low expectations on the day and kept our schedule minimal.

It is very pretty in Disney this time of year!

Connor was the only one child left that was "willing" to take a photo with me. ha.

I saved my favorite from the night for last! We were literally walking and I quickly snapped this!!

Jumping on the bed is always allowed in hotels...just not at home! ;)

I love seeing their relationship developing. :)

Note what's printed behind them on the wall...triple trouble on the bed and on the wall!

Even though it was overcast and a chance of rain, the boys and I were bound and determined to go swimming!

We took the gopro in with us and my creative Liam had the idea to swim around Devin and I "like a shark."

Dad was happy to sit and watch with the sleeping really, he was!

These two love the water!

Practicing our jumps was a must! ;)

The boys did NOT care about the giant, REAL gingerbread house, but they did enjoy the monorail ride to get to Magic Kingdom and then the boat ride back to the Grand Floridian!

Dinnertime at Disney Springs. It was raining most of the time, so I did NOT have my camera out. ;)

Cute baby alert!!

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