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Loving Being A Mommy

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I can't lie. After ten years of running a business, I have been enjoying the shift of being mostly a stay at home mommy to two very handsome (I'm biased) boys, and less of a certified professional photographer. I have been given the wildest, hardest, yet most joyous job of a lifetime. To be a mom. Business wise, I am still keeping my toes in a little. I have many plans for the future of Courtney Campbell Photography...One being the recent purchase of a home with ten beautiful, wooded acres and a pond. I look forward to scoping out the best locations, making them even more beautiful and having ya'll start coming to me! :) Though I enjoy writing and would love to share more, I must stop here....remember that whole mommy of two boys and just buying a home part?? Yeah....that's keeping me quite busy at the moment. ;)

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