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The One Who Made Me An Aunt is 18 Today

Happy 18th birthday Morgan! You're officially an adult. Wow did that fly or what? Adulthood comes with a lot of really awesome perks, the biggest being FREEDOM!! Oh the things you can do now....

Freedom, however should be paired with wisdom. Wisdom doesn't come from the world. It comes from the Lord. And that comes from the word of God. In it, you can learn about responsibility, honesty, pride, forgiveness, work ethic, debt, saving money, justice, morality, love, grace, mercy, compassion, evil, sexual immortality, jealousy, hate, deception, hope, fearlessness, confidence, eternity and much, much, more.

My prayer is that before you turn to your phone, boyfriend, parents, grandparents, friends, yes, even your auntie Courtney, that you turn to Jesus. It may seem weird that he's not literally right in front of you and that's who I'm suggesting, but trust me on this one. He will be the only one guaranteed to be present to listen with a pure heart through every moment, every season, every joy and every heartache.

Through time in his word and time talking to him, you will have a peace that goes beyond understanding. Be cautious with who you seek wisdom and guidance from.

Remember that you have a choice to either follow Jesus and his ways or follow the ways of this world. One is guaranteed to lead to a life full of purpose and peace both now and in eternity. The other leads to shallow, fleeting moments based on the worlds current definition of what happiness is that day. It's volatile and it will ultimately lead to emptiness. Been there. Done that. Never again.

I will always be available to listen and talk if you so desire. I will also always pray for you no matter where life finds you or me. Happy birthday to the one who made me an aunt! I love you, beautiful woman!! WOMAN?! WAAAAH!!

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