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I've been taking photos of this beauty since she was born in 2005. I was in my first month of attending Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts when Brianna May was born. I was now an aunt to two nieces and so excited to have an adorable baby to practice on!

And practice I did. This girl has no memory of her aunt NOT taking photos.

She wasn't a fan of getting her photo taken for the majority of the time, but I always managed to sneak some in. Bri is one of the reasons for why I learned how to be such a good candid photographer.

But, once in a while, she would surprise me and want me to take her photo!

Now Bri is a senior in high school so you can imagine my joy when I was in town to be able to take her senior photos! I knew better than to torture her with lots of poses. Not only was she a very good sport, but she's a natural in front of the camera.

I am very proud of this beautiful girl. She has matured so much over the years. My boys absolutely love Bri because she has spent so much time playing with them and giving them dirt bike rides. I am looking forward to seeing all of the incredible things God has for her. I pray that she continues to keep her eyes fixed on Jesus. She will not regret it if she does. She knows that her aunt won't stop reminding her either. ;)

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