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My Kind of High

It's the greatest high you could experience when you witness someone you love get it.

You have something that not only fills you up, but overflows and spills out of you. You literally can't help but share it.

What's interesting is that you have nothing to gain from doing this. In fact you risk losing, but yet you can't help trying. Why? Because you've been where they've been once, too.

You understand what they are feeling; their fear, their doubt, their anger, their pain. You've also clung to stuff that you thought would make you the happiest. You've pursued other things that had temporary highs, but when you were still, you found it didn't satisfy. You couldn't do it any longer.

You chose to let it all go, took a risk, having no idea what to expect. You tried taking Him for His Word even before you fully believed Him. "Action over emotion" you would tell yourself.

What you discovered was that He did NOT disappoint. In fact, He blew your mind by the things He did and revealed to you. You began to believe that He could do the impossible and then He did. Not with EVERY thing, but you don't care because you understand that you aren't omniscient and He is. You still trust.

He now gives you the privilege to feel what He feels. You so badly want others to know Him too, but a relationship that is forced is no relationship at all. You understand why He created free will.

You pray alone. You pray with others. You ask others to pray, too. You watch and wait. If you pay close attention, you see Him at work and it fires you up to not give up. And then the moment comes. The veil over their eyes begins to fall.

It's the greatest high you could experience when you witness someone you love get it.

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