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Southern Magnolia

I was mesmerized. We went to visit a plantation house for a field trip in Pendleton, SC for Liam and I couldn't stop looking at this tree! It was just magnificent. Come to find out, it was a southern magnolia tree! Can you IMAGINE what this looks like in full bloom??? 😍😍😍 I REALLY want to see that, so both Liam and I climbed into this tree and found huge pods that we guessed were the centers to the flowers...and we brought them home with us! 😆

I know, I know it's a tree designed to be in the south, but a girl can dream and try can't she? What do you think? Think I can get one of the 15 pods to survive in this Buffalo climate? 😁😁😁

A. You're crazy and completely wasting your time. B. If peach trees can survive in this cold climate, so can southern magnolia trees! C. I have my doubts, but I commend you for dreaming and trying.

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