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When the Fog Clears

I'd rather be a persecuted, Jesus follower than a pawn of Satan. He's crafty, that Satan and if you aren’t awake, you won’t realize that you are encouraging, praising or working in favor of the enemy.

The prince of this world is strategic. He has nothing but hatred for you because you were made in the image of God, the one he wishes he could BE and who he has been trying to be for thousands of years.

Things appear to be for your own good. Law after law. Regulation after regulation. “Free” this. “Free” that. “Safety.” “Justice.” Before you realize it, you've stopped thinking critically and you're walking right on to that train car headed to your death.

It doesn't happen overnight. Just like it didn't happen overnight in Germany almost 80 years ago. “But, this is different,” you say. No, it’s not. The enemies tactics are ALWAYS the same and have been the same since the fall of man. Manipulate, lie, deceive, steal, kill and destroy.

I know, it's hard to see through the fog. It's easier to just stand there and hope it will clear so you can go back to living like you were before everything became so confusing. But, there is a way to get through it. There is a God who doesn't hate you or want you to be completely lost in it. He has a path that doesn't lead to destruction.

There is a right way, despite what the world, our culture and enemy has been frantically trying to lead you to believe. There is a path that leads to life. And let me tell you friend, it's good. It's beautiful. It's not restrictive.

It’s not full of fear and confusion. It might include persecution, but if you have turned from your sin-filled ways and embraced Jesus as your redeemer, you have the creator of the Universe living inside of you to help you through every step of it. That’s galaxies better than having the prince of darkness using you as his pawn to forward his already failed plan to reign instead of Jesus.

No one likes a forced relationship. God is a gentleman. He won't force you into doing anything. With Jesus, there is freedom. Freedom from shame. Freedom from darkness. Freedom from fear. Freedom from death. Freedom from Satan’s insatiable desire for you to live without Jesus, right now and in eternity.

And so I ask, where do you want to be standing when the fog clears?

If you would like to know more about what it means to follow Jesus, there are a couple of resources in this link:

or you can reach out to me, if you feel comfortable enough. :)

You are loved and being prayed for.

Photo Credit goes to my man. :)

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