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Bible Time with Mommy and Three Busy Boys

I am a documenter. Period. It doesn't matter if I am getting paid for it or not. I think life is precious and I often video record times like these with my children. I will have no need for television when they are bigger and out of the house because I will be going through the videos that I took of them, but never re-played.

Here is just one of what “quiet time” in the morning often looks like with three boys and their mama (daddy had just worked and was sleeping). It's full of lots of interruptions, distractions, rabbit trails, and goofiness, but really good conversation and learning!

The Action Bible ( was a gift to Liam when he was four years old and he loves it! Recently I have also been pulling out the real Bible and reading from there so that Liam will gradually transition into reading that as he gets older.

P.S. This is very kid friendly thanks to our master entertainer. ;)

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