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Bri and Noah

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Alright people, I am going to be biased with this one. This is my adorable seventeen year old niece with her boyfriend, Noah. I know it's risky putting photos of young couples on a blog, but I was given permission by Bri to do this after having given her the schpeel that this would be on my blog forever regardless of what happened in the future between the two of them. I mean, let's be honest; it's risky to post photos of pretty much any couple.

I have a few things to say about these two (shocker, I know). One, they are stinkin' adorable. I can't get over how much fun the two of them have together. They are truly best friends. I love that about them. It's SOOO important to be best friends.

They are complete goof balls together and it is nothing, but entertaining.

So, we actually kind of snuck these photos in. I was doing both of their senior photos anyway. Bri's can be found here: ( and Noah's can be found here ( I don't typically do sessions of couples just dating, but it felt natural to snag these. I couldn't help myself and they were totally OK with it.

For years, I have been taking photos of Bri with her hand in front of her face. For old times sake, she did it for me when I snapped my very first photo of them while we were walking back into the woods to take photos of Noah. Or maybe it was just a reflex of hers since she's so used to me pointing my camera at her.

I just love their energy together if I can be so kooky in saying that. People really do have it and you can feel a difference from person to person (or couple to couple in this case). Their's is fun and sweet.

I love the story of how the two of them started dating. They live 45 minutes away from each other, but met at Harkness school in Buffalo, NY in their junior year. Bri saw a photo of Noah's on the farm that he lives on and she recognized it. That's because it was the farm that was right down the street from my house (before we had moved to FL). How fun is that?!?!

Noah and his family were our very close neighbors for over five years. Bri and Noah had been at multiple outdoor parties at my house over the years, but hadn't really paid much attention to each other. What a relief for my sister, brother-in-law and I to know what a great family Noah comes from. I loooove the Wights and always will!

That's it! I am going to let the rest of the photos speak for themselves. They are so precious; if I can use that word about a teenage couple. :)

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